Who will be there?

The presenters of Pecha Kucha Yerevan are announced!

Pecha Kucha Yerevan and Pecha Kucha Istanbul proudly presents:

– Emre Güneş “Guerilla Lighting”, 

– Banu Durmuşoğlu , “A Hub For Architecture&Culture: Building Information Centre,İstanbul”

– Mertkan D. Yılmazer “Inspired by nature’’

– Deniz Özgün,  “A Story of Success, Their voices are amazing and i can shoot video. We can be World Champions with a help of  social media’’

Satenik Sargsyan,  “Buffer Zone & Eco Tourism’’  

– Andranik Pilosyan, “Bla-Blas’’

– Sergey Sargsyan, “Headlines vs. Reality’’ 

– Sona Kyurkchyan, “A New Existence for Medieval Armenian Ornamental Art’’

– Albert Poghosyan, “iTeaching Kids for S.M.A.R.T’’

And a joint presentation is prepared by chefs from Istanbul and Yerevan:

– Can YücelMetin & Boghos YeghyazarFlavors without Borders!’’


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