The long way to our host city

There is nothing like taking the road to an unknown location.  Now it is time to pack up before our departure for Yerevan. Backpack or suitcase, shuttle or subway?

Preferences surround us…

Planning transportation inIstanbul’s traffic jam is as difficult as planning the annual budget of Apple.







The reason behind this rush hour is the vacationists who would like to spend the four-day holidays for the Feast of Sacrifice.

But, nothing can stop us! We decided, planned and organized ourselves to get to the airport, looking forward for our flight to Yerevan.  Finally we are on our way to Ataturk Airport. Our crew consists of 14 people from various backgrounds: media, architecture, art&culture, marketing, each having a desire to make a good job. Under these circumstances, it is a real pleasure to take the long way together to our host city Yerevan.

Today is the first day of Fest around here, we wish everyday be a Fest / Celebration / Holiday for everyone!


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