Arrival Notice

We landed at 04.00 a.m. with local time. We spent more than 12 hours and had 2 flights to come from Istanbul to Yerevan. However, we are not likely to complain or lose our enthusiasm to see the other side of the mountain Ararat. It is so cool that everyone, each one of us do share the same feeling: eagerness mixed with excitement to see, discover and learn anything about this new location that we arrived after a gruelling process.

Not surprisingly, the first thing we saw has been Zvartnos Airport which looks quite new and modern. We were greeted warmly by Vazgen who took us to our hotel.

People get to know each other in depth during trips. Although we knew each other before, we discovered new aspects on the way to Yerevan and I am sure we will continue to discover more stories while creating new reminiscences.

One of these discoveries is that according to the statistics conducted by me (which means totally invalid) 80% percent of our crew smoke! In addition, they do not rely on time and space, they take every opportunity as long as there is a place allowed for smoking.

Vienna Airport                                                                                                          


At the lobby at Yerevan


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