Reflections of the First Day at Yerevan

Limited time transcends the limits.

We started the day in the afternoon, yet we covered a visit to Sergei Paradjanov Museum, a quick tour around the city, and a  cocktail in the Club Restaurant. We ended the day at Calumet Bar with the songs from 80s and 90s with flashbacks from our teenage years…

I have always wanted to be a part of the curious crowded.

Our lovely guides were organized by Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

After experiencing the amazing imagination of Paradjanov, we thought we should also do something performative and decided to be models. Well, I know it was not a good idea but we enjoyed taking these photos.

We attended the cocktail in the Club Restaurant to meet Pecha Kucha Yerevan Crew.

We blended our souls with art in the Paradjanov Museum, we felt the spirit of city in the streets, we socialized with friends from Yerevan. Still, it wasn’t enough. We had to believe in something and it was in this small local Bar in Pushkin Street.




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