Eat, Delay, Run

Imagine this: We began eating in the afternoon with little breaks untill the end of Pecha Kucha Night!

I believe that culinary culture is the most effective way of connecting and understanding norms, habits and customs of a location. And also eating is universal, constituting an indispensable component in every culture. All in all, the reason behind our half-gourmet trips was not this intellectual concerns but rather we love to eat!

Not surprisingly, we ran across very familiar flavors while tasting Armenian dishes. We enjoyed eating stuffed vegetables, dried meat, pickles, dried fruit, lavash, anoushabour, Armenian Coffee and many others.


Despite the delays due to the gourmet stops, we were able to attend Pecha Kucha Night in time with little effort, thanks to Gayene Manvelyan and Vazgen Karapetyan who accompanied us by turns.

Considering our whole trip, we felt as valuable houseguests receiving great hospitality.


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