Verba volant, scripta manet*

Yesterday was one of those days that you start with joy and complete flawlessly. Even though we spent a sleepless night wandering around the city, we were still wakeful thanks to cool and sunny weather of Yerevan.

Matanederan is an ancient manuscript repository which has a very wide collection.  Our visit to Matenadaran has been a scriptural one which addresses books, medieval manuscripts and other documents written in different languages and alphabets.

I was impressed to see this giant showcase of Armenian written culture that gives an idea and even improves our conceptualization as well as extending imagination about the old times.

We were like in school days trying to learn and understand.

We tried to figure out how Armenian alphabet is systemized but realized that it was an ambitious attempt to learn its encoding  in one day.

Our crew consists of people who are motivated by culture, arts, aesthetics, innovation and creativity. When Gayene offered, Everyone agreed to visit another cultural stop: Modern Art Museum.


Modern Art museum has also a very nice public park just in front of it

*Verba volant, scripta manet means ‘Words fly away; written letters remain’ in Latin.


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